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Panzhou Tourism Won Three Provincial Level Awards

The result of the “Raise My Smile” 2016 Provincial Hundred-Day Tourism Services Competition and the launching ceremony of the Year of Tourism Services Quality Improvement were unveiled and held in the studio of Guizhou Radio & TV Station on February 22nd 2017. Vice Governor Lu Yongzheng attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Deputy county ...

Foreign and domestic travel agencies representatives investigate hot springs of Panzhou cityzhou cit

January 15,2017 ”hot springs in Panzhou city,happy new year”& the activity that traveling agencies of ASEAN countries and traveling salemen across the country investigate the traveling routes in winter held in Liuguan Natural Springs in Panzhou city.17 national traveling agencies such as Thailand,Malaysia,India traveling agencies,together with tr...

Panzhou City, the hometown of the world's ancient ginkgoes

Pan County, the hometown of the world's ancient ginkgoes, is located in the Southwestern part of Liupanshui City in western Guizhou. At the junction of three provinces Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, Pan County has been rated as "A Key to Yunnan and Guizhou" and "A Natural Barrier for Guizhou and Xinjiang" since ancient times. Covering a total area of 4.056 square kilometers, Pan County has a total population of 1.2 million from 28 nations, who jointly create the rich and diverse folk culture and civilization here. People here are always bathed in a pleasant climate with a comfortable average temperature of 15.2℃, and do not need to suffer chilly winter and hot summer.

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Guiyang – Hongguo (Shanghai-Kunming expressway 280 kilometers/3 hours 20 minutes) Kunming – Hongguo (Shanghai-Kunming expressway 230 kilometers/2 hours 20 minutes) Hongguo – Dala Fairland (entering from Shanghai-Kunming expressway Panzhou station – exiting from Lianghe station, 11 kilometers; from Lianghe to Dala Fairyland Valley : 7 kilometers 4th-degree road) Dala Fairyland Valley – Liupanshui-Panxian highway Huashi station (20 kilometers) Hongguo – Ancient Gingko Trees in Tuole (21 kilometers, 4th road) –...


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