The Hometown of the Ancient Ginkgo in the World—Golden Pan County is located in the southwest of LiuPanshui city, the west of Guizhou Province, the junction area of Yunan Province, Guizhou Province and Guangxi Province. It is known as the “Dian Qian Suo Yao”(the key passage between Yuanan and Guizhou province), “Qian Jiang Bao Zhang”(the Guarantee Border of Guizhou). With a total area of 4056 square kilometers and a population of 1.2 million, Pan County is home to 28 nationalities creating colorful national culture together. The climate here is pleasant. An average temperature of 15.2 degrees makes it not too cold in winter or too hot in summer.

Panzhou city News

Panzhou Tourism Won Three Provincial Level Awards

The result of the “Raise My Smile” 2016 Provincial Hundred-Day Tourism Services Competition and the launching ceremony of the Year of Tourism Services Quality Improvement were unveiled and held in the studio of Guizhou Radio & TV Station on February 22nd 2017. Vice Governor Lu Yongzheng attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Deputy county chief of Pan County People’s Government Lu Zhen, people chiefly in charge of Pan County’s Ecological Tourism Bureau and people in charge of Tuole Ancient Ginkgoes Park attended the provincial meeting regarding tourist business too.

Foreign and domestic travel agencies representatives investigate hot springs of Panzhou cityzhou cit

January 15,2017 ”hot springs in Panzhou city,happy new year”& the activity that traveling agencies of ASEAN countries and traveling salemen across the country investigate the traveling routes in winter held in Liuguan Natural Springs in Panzhou city.17 national traveling agencies such as Thailand,Malaysia,India traveling agencies,together with travel agencies representatives from different provinces such as Guangxi,Guangdong participated in this activity.

With the bonfire and dancing, Tuole welcome ASEAN guests with igneous enthusiasm.

Looking forward and looking forward, the guests of ASEAN countries have finally come. November 16th, Tuole meet the honored guests of China-ASEAN International Production Capacity Cooperation Forum Tuole. In the evening, the welcome banquet which was presided by the Vice-secretary of CPC Pan County Committee and county magistrate Li Lingbo was held at the banquet hall of ASEAN Conference center, Fu Guoxiang who is member of the Standing Committee of Liupanshui City and county party secretary of Pan County, proposed a toast and expressed a warm welcome to the guests.

The Traffic Situation

The  transportation is fast and convenient. Since ancient times, pan county has been the artery from Guizhou to Yunnan. China National Highway 320 and national National Highway G60 run across east to west, provincial road 212 and Shuicheng-Pan highway from south to north, Changsha-Kunming rapid railway passenger dedicated line, Bi-Shui-Xing Inter-city Railway is under construction. Zhixian Tourism Airport is planned to be built in pan county; Guiyang-Kunming railway pan west branch line, Nanning-Kunming railway and Shuicheng-Honguo railway converge in Honguo, providing favorable traffic conditions for reaching Guiyang in the east, Kunming in the west, Sichuan and Chongqing in the north, Guangdong and Guangxi in the south.  and serving as an important land transportation hub in the west of Guizhou and even the southwest of China.