Wumeng Prairie is located in Wumeng town and Pingdi town, which are two Yi nationality towns. It is 2000 meters to 2875 meters above sea level and it is the largest and highest natural pasture in Guizhou Provence.

Danxia Mountain is located in the Danxia town, which is 20 kilometers away from the south of Shuangfeng town. With an elevation of 1888 meters, Danxia Mountain is the tallest in this area with great view. On the top of the mountain, there i...

Dala Fairyland valley is located in the Yanjiao Village of Lianghe Street district. “Dala” is the pronunciation of Bouyei language used by the local people, meaning “unity and mutual help”. “The Father of Hybrid Rice”, Yuan longping, ...

The Wetland Park in Niangniang Mountain has time-honored minority culture, of which “Jiuling” singing and dancing of the Yi Nationality is the most famous one.

Liu Guan Sheng Jing Hot Spring Healthy International Tourism and Leisure Resort is located in Liu Guan Street Pan County Liu Panshui City that is the “Capital of coolness” of China.