Ancient Gingko Trees in Tuole

The Tuole Scenic Area of Ancient Gingko Trees is located in Tuole Village, Shiqiao Town, 21 kilometers away from Hongguo New Town of Pan County. This less-than-3km2 area is home to over one thousand thousand-year-old gingko trees, the densest and best preserved ancient gingko group in the world. The oldest gingko trees are more than 1500 years old and most of them have chest height diameter between one and two meters and a crown height from 15 to 30 meters. These gi...

The National Wetland Park In Niangniang Mountain

There exists a well-preserved plateau wetland in the western plateau of Guizhou, the junction of Pugu Town in the northeastern Pan County and Shuicheng County.

Wumeng Prairie

Wumeng Prairie is located in Wumeng town and Pingdi town, which are two Yi nationality towns. It is 2000 meters to 2875 meters above sea level and it is the largest and highest natural pasture in Guizhou Provence.

Ancient Cave and Bamboo Sea

Ancient Cave and Bamboo Sea Scenic Area is located in the southeastern Panxian County. Inside this scenic area, the Panxian County Great Cave is a Major National Historical and Cultural Site, a world-known paleolith cultural relic and the known ancient human cave relic with the largest cultural deposition