Ancient Gingko Trees in Tuole

The Tuole Scenic Area of Ancient Gingko Trees is located in Tuole Village, Shiqiao Town, 21 kilometers away from Hongguo New Town of Pan County. This less-than-3km2 area is home to over one thousand thousand-year-old gingko trees, the densest and best preserved ancient gingko group in the world. The oldest gingko trees are more than 1500 years old and most of them have chest height diameter between one and two meters and a crown height from 15 to 30 meters. These gingko trees have developed into a unique characteristic landscape with their tough and lofty trunk and golden fan-shaped leaves, therefore entitled as one of the top ten scenic towns with special tourism in Guizhou.

This is “the Village on the Tree Roots” where it stays interdependent with its dense gingko woods and where its thousands of households are connected by these intertwined roots. It seems that each and every gingko tree there is striving to display its individuality and glamour. Either on village pathways or field ridges, or under the eaves or on the stone steps, you can see ancient gingko branches everywhere stretching fully into all directions in a peculiar posture.  

 Long stretches of water and rolling and winding hills take on natural fun, making this scenic area largely a gorge. Ranges of hills and caves look magnificent distantly yet exquisite close, therefore, this scenic area, serene like a forest, adventuresome like Karst landscape, graceful with hills and alive with water, present simple and peaceful pleasure.

Tuole natives live and work on the huge gingko roots generation after generation, and the perfect combination of those ancient trees and this village shows a unique charm of this gingko woods to the full.