Liu Guan Sheng Jing Hot Spring Healthy International Tourism and Leisure Resort

Liu Guan Sheng Jing Hot Spring Healthy International Tourism and Leisure Resort is located in Liu Guan Street Pan County Liu Panshui City that is the “Capital of coolness” of China. It is located in the junction area of Yunan Provence, Guizhou Provence and Guangxi Provence. The geographical position of Liu Guan Sheng Jing Hot Spring is superior, Guiyang is on the east, Yunan is on the west, the north part is Sichuan, Guangxi Guangdong are in the south. The traffic is also very convenient, it is 9 kilometers away from Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail Panzhou station, 15 kilometers away from Puan station, 2 kilometers away from Shanghai-Kunming highway Liuguan station. Liu Guan Sheng Jing Hot Spring won the title of 2016 National Top Ten Scenic Ecological Resorts in China.

 Leisure resort is made up of seven parts: they are Sheng Jing Hot Spring Cultural Complex, the Spanish-style Town, Lakeside Sightseeing Garden, the Forest Park, the Sports Park, the Wetland Park, Large Children’s Paradise. Altogether it covers 6.28 square kilometers.

The Sheng Jing Hot Spring Cultural Complex covers 211 Mu, and the construction area is 68000 square meters. It contains good health and leisure service facilities, and it can also provide services like catering, recreation and conference reception. It is an ideal place for leisure and vocation as well as training.

 The indoor is equipped with spa pools, different styles of viewing rooms, different sizes of conference halls, banquet halls, physical therapy rooms, gym, book rooms, Internet cafes, leisure bars, cinema, rest rooms, tea bars etc. In the open air, you can see rafting rivers, Jiulong waterfall, standard swimming pool, viewing swimming pool, sleigh rides, waving pool, karst cave pool, fish spa, children’s water park and all kinds of open-air hot spring pools (physical therapy pool, spa fitness pool, original pool, family hot spring pool, couples hot spring pool, business hot spring pool) in a secondary forest with flowers and stones.

 Sheng Jing Hot Spring geothermal water is from the 3500m deep formation, and the water temperature is as high as 68 degrees. The water is rich in minerals and microelements good for health. Liu Guan Sheng Jing Hot Spring is highly of rehabilitation value, and we can enjoy natural health resources here.

 Vocation resort contains unique architectural style and new hot spring products, leading the “Capital of Coolness” hot spring industry. It is a tourism and leisure resort with characters being natural, comfortable, dynamic and healthy, which you can preserve your health and have a good vocation.