The National Wetland Park In Niangniang Mountain

There exists a well-preserved plateau wetland in the western plateau of Guizhou, the junction of Pugu Town in the northeastern Pan County and Shuicheng County. This wetland is the wetland of Niangniang Mountain, the reputed “the first plateau wetland in southern China”. Over hundreds or thousands of years, this wetland, like a sleeping beauty, waits for tourists’ arrival. 

With a height of 2319 meters and over-30000-mu stretches of sphagnum wetland including sphagnum bog, herbaceous swamp, shrub swamp, forest swamp and reservoirs, this plateau wetland is the biggest in southern China.

 The Wetland Park in Niangniang Mountain has time-honored minority culture, of which “Jiuling” singing and dancing of the Yi Nationality is the most famous one. Distinctive Karst landscape like Liuchehe Gorge, Tianshengqiao bridge, Tianshanfeipu(waterfall falling from sky), Shuipapo(water running uphill and Shuiliandong(water curtain cave) and the integration of agricultural sightseeing and leisure holiday-making make this Park a modern and efficient agricultural park listed in the “five one-hundred-projects” of Guizhou.

 Walking in the Park, you can pick the characteristic fruits like blueberries, strawberries and rosa roxbunghii and taste the local produce as well as enjoying the beautiful scenery there.