Dala Fairyland valley

Dala Fairyland valley is located in the Yanjiao Village of Lianghe Street district. “Dala” is the pronunciation of Bouyei language used by the local people, meaning “unity and mutual help”. “The Father of Hybrid Rice”, Yuan longping, has ever conducted an investigation there and inscribed “Dala Xiangu”.

 The whole planned area of Dala Fairyland Valley is 48km2, among which a core zone of 8 km2 has already been built. This fairy valley is a modern agricultural park which takes leisure agriculture as the theme and creative agriculture as the keynote which integrates science, technology and cultural element into the agricultural production, a demonstration area of leisure agriculture and rural tourism where picking experience, ecological sightseeing, wedding photo-taking and old-age health-keeping are blended into one, and a comprehensive park which provides sightseeing agriculture, travelling, health-keeping, entertaining, accommodating, meeting and catering services. Hence, Dala Fairyland valley is one of the “double-hundred parks” in Guizhou (also the only one in Liupanshui) and wins the top ten scenic areas with agricultural tourism in Guizhou.

 In Dala Fairyland Valley, you can walk in the wetland park, visit the seven-kind-of-color flower fields, play in the water park or animation park and live in the garden hotel on the riverbanks, embracing nature and enjoying the beautiful moment.