Foreign and domestic travel agencies representatives investigate hot springs of Panzhou cityzhou cit

January 15,2017 ”hot springs in Panzhou city,happy new year”& the activity that traveling agencies of ASEAN countries and traveling salemen across the country investigate the traveling routes in winter held in Liuguan Natural Springs in Panzhou city.17 national traveling agencies such as Thailand,Malaysia,India traveling agencies,together with travel agencies representatives from different provinces such as Guangxi,Guangdong participated in this activity.

In this activity,first,the traveling representatives from home and aborad not only join the opening ceremony,but also participate the forum organiazed by Panzhou cityzhou city during which they communicate with the Tourism Bureau, Tourism culture investment comPanzhou cityy and the major seneries areas.What’s more,after they watched the tourism promotion,they were attracted by the enchanting natural beauty and unique cultural history.

Then,the oversea traveling agencies and inland traveling representatives started two days’investigated travel, visiting Natural Springs of Liuguan, Wetland Park of NiangNiang Mountain, Wumeng prairie and so on successively.

In natural springs of Liuguan,the representatives highly appreciated the environment,infrastructure, Indoor and outdoor spring pools.In NiangNiang mountain,they showed great interests in fruit and vegetable picking and Hotspring Town. Weather cleared up,when entering into the Wumeng prairie,everyone was very happy.In bus,with guide’s interpreting, they were curious about  the time that Azaleas in full bloom and if they can see the Buddha''s Light,in a word everyone’strong interest in Buddha''s Light and the sea of Azalea gained steam.

At last,they not only saw the sea of clouds in Wumeng prairie,but also saw the mysterious Buddha''s light.Standing at the observation deck ,as I looked down upon the undulating mountains were surrounded by clouds and fog,it is such a super dreaming place that everyone gasped with admiration.

Through two days ‘study,people had a general picture about the tourism resources of Panzhou city,the representativesAMJAD HAMID from Sri Lanka who are proficiency in Chinese and aim at exploring new traveling routes said that Panzhou city is cool,natural sceneries are beautiful,which are different from the Southeast Asian tropical sceneries,there are flights from Sri Lanka to Kunming,and our company Panzhou city are always have contacts with Kunming,since Panzhou city is adjacent to Kunming, the opening of south-east Asia high-speed rail have already shorten the distance,we will consider find a traveling route from Panzhou city to Sri Lanka in the future.

 The representatives from Zhuhai,Guangdong province called Li zhong quan said that the air of Panzhou cityzhou city is fresh,the special sceneries such as the ten thousand mu of azaleas and the ancient ginkgo in one thousand attract people a lot,furthermore,the tourism products such as hotsprings,skiing  are suitable for leisure vacation,and the special food are  also delicious.She also said that Zhuhai is an coastal city,so the original ecological mountain scenery in Panzhou city are very attractive for tourist of Zhuhai,and they will consider organize tourists to travel to Panzhou city.