Panzhou Tourism Won Three Provincial Level Awards

The result of the “Raise My Smile” 2016 Provincial Hundred-Day Tourism Services Competition and the launching ceremony of the Year of Tourism Services Quality Improvement were unveiled and held in the studio of Guizhou Radio & TV Station on February 22nd 2017. Vice Governor Lu Yongzheng attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Deputy county chief of Pan County People’s Government Lu Zhen, people chiefly in charge of Pan County’s Ecological Tourism Bureau and people in charge of Tuole Ancient Ginkgoes Park attended the provincial meeting regarding tourist business too.

In the launching ceremony, elected outstanding enterprises, service stars, outstanding rural tourist spots and outstanding tourist attractions in the Hundred-Day Tourism Services Competition in 2016 were announced and given awards. Wumeng Prairie of Pan County was given the title of an outstanding tourist attraction in the 2016 Hundred-Day Tourism Services Competition; Dalaxian Valley was given the title of an outstanding rural tourist spot in the 2016 Hundred-Day Tourism Services Competition; and Zhang Xia who works in Wumeng Prairie was given the title of service star as an instructor in tourist attraction in 2016.


After the recommendation of city and prefecture leaders, the review of public and experts, and the decision of Guizhou Tourism Development Committee, Guizhou Civilization Office, the Communist Youth Committee in Guizhou Province and Guizhou Women’s Federation, 10 service stars as tour guides of 2016; 10 service stars as instructors in tourist attractions of 2016; 10 service stars in respect to hotel room services of 2016; 2 service stars in respect to tourist commodities services of 2016; 5 service stars in respect to rural tourist services of 2016; 9 outstanding travel agencies of 2016; 9 outstanding tourist attractions of 2016; 9 outstanding rural tourist spots of 2016. Pan County has won three provincial awards out of all awards.


In recent years, Pan County has been devoting efforts unremittingly into the upgrading of local tourism development on the basis of brand positioning which “the home to the world’s ancient ginkgoes : A Golden Pan County”. With the efforts from people around the county, our tourism industry has yielded fruitful results. Pan County is now listed in the first group of “National Region-based Tourism Demonstration Areas”; Tuole Ancient Ginkgoes and Dalaxian Valley are rated as national AAAA tourist attractions; Niangniangshan National Wetland Park, Liuguan Shengjing Spring, and Shayu are rated as national AAA tourist attractions; Wumeng Prairie, Tuole Ancient Ginkgoes, and Dalaxian Valley are rated as provincial tourist resorts. The comprehensive evaluation index of Pan County in terms of tourism development is 84.51, which is ranked the first in the province. Pan County received more than 4.946 million visits throughout the year, realizing a year-on-year growth of 54.8%, and the total income of tourism is 3.291 billion RMB, which increased 74.4% when compared to that of the last year. The growth rate of tourist income has been ranked the first in the province for four years in a row. A “blowout” has been realized in tourism industry.